Buy Bhang Chocolates 180 mg Online


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Buy Bhang Chocolates 180 mg Online


50/50 CBD Caramel – Double Strength
Milk Chocolate – Double Strength
Toffee Chocolate – Double Strength
Cookies & Cream Chocolate – Triple Strength
Fire Chocolate – Triple Strength
Ice Chocolate – Triple Strength

Buy Bhang Chocolates 180 mg Online. Bhang Chocolates offers artisan quality bars of uniquely flavored treats, all packed with powerful doses of medical-grade cannabis.
Delicious gourmet milk chocolate with peppermint and vanilla in a tasty 3 x strength bar of 180 mg THC. Delicious gourmet chocolate, with orange zest and a bit of spice 3X strength bar with 180 mg of THC. Bhang Fire Dark Chocolate is best for those who love chocolate and marijuana.

Made with 100% sustainable ingredients, Bhang Fire Dark Chocolates offer a unique flavor. The product is lab-tested for efficiency & safety and packed with strong doses of medical-grade cannabis. Bhang Chocolates come in different levels of THC in 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg. Where each bar is divided into four separate doses, and standard doses are 15, 30 or 45mg, for each level of THC respectively. According to many patients, Bhang Fire Dark Chocolate provide full-body instant relief and relaxation after just 15-30 minutes of usage. While others say it took 5-6 hours to show any effect. We suggest try it for yourself with a low dosage to know how much it is effective.

Buy Bhang Chocolates 180 mg Online


Buy Bhang Chocolates 180 mg Online

Bhang Chocolate seems to over-achieve at everything they strive for; whether it’s producing world-class gourmet chocolate, setting extraordinary (& unprecedented) standards for dosage consistency, or creating the most innovative packaging in the history of medical cannabis, Bhang Chocolate never fails to impress! Three reasons to love Bhang: 1:) Their products are produced in a GMP compliant facility using 100% sustainable ingredients! 2:) It’s medicine you can count on! All of Bhang Chocolate’s products are tested by an independent lab (CW Analytical) for cannabinoid potency & safety analysis!

Bhang Cannabis Infused Chocolate Bars
Double Strength : 120mg THC Per Bar
Triple Strength : 180mg THC Per Bar


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