CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500


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Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500mg CBD

CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500. This spray gives you 80 servings of 1.25mg of top-quality, all-natural, and supremely potent CBD oil. Just spray twice on your tongue for a punch of tasty CBD deliciousness. Each 1oz bottle contains 100mg of CBD, and each 2oz bottle has 500mg of CBD total.

Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500. The concentration of this spray is higher than most other CBD oil tinctures on the market today. Moreover, the spray form means easy absorption and ultimate delight for the taste buds.

Herbal Renewals CBD Spray comes in three great flavors: Vanilla, Peppermint, and Unflavored (for those who prefer the natural taste of CBD with its earthy, hempy undertones).

Jump into your hemp routine with the easy-to-use Herbal Renewals hemp spray tincture. A single pump delivers a 1.25 – 3mg high CBD hemp oil depending on the size you select.

CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500

What is Herbal Renewals Spray?

A liquid hemp oil supplement formulated with high CBD hemp oil. Its spray topper makes this hemp supplement very easy to use, at a suggested 2 sprays per serving. Each 1oz bottle has a 100mg CBD oil potency, while the 2oz is 2.5x stronger with 500mg.

Herbal Renewals is formulated with a hemp derived extract from European hemp, an oil that boasts powerfully unique compounds. The rare constituents of hemp oil, known as terpenes and phytocannabinoids, support the body in unique ways. In the case of phytocannabinoids, they help support the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a feat that’s usually performed by endocannabinoids produced within the body. Simply put, hemp oil is a natural way to support the physiological functions of the ECS.


How to Use Herbal Renewals Hemp Spray : CBD Oil Herbal Renewals Spray 500

Packaged with a convenient pump top, you simply spray twice under your tongue. Repeat as needed. Most people start off with a serving of 2 pumps in the morning and again at night. However, our bodies are all different so we encourage you to experiment to find the perfect serving size for you.

Store your Herbal Renewals spray in a cool, dark place to preserve freshness.

  • 1oz (30ml) – 100mg – 80 servings – 1.25mg CBD per spray
  • 2oz (60ml) – 500mg – 160 servings – 3mg CBD per spray


Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil Herbal Spray 500mg CBD  Ingredients

CBD Hemp oil, glycerin (kosher), purified water, polysorbate 80 (kosher), peppermint oil (mentha piperita), stevia leaf extract, potassium sorbate

Hemp oil (seed and stalk),
cannabidiol (CBD),
stevia extract,
kosher vegetable glycerin,
emulsifier (sorbitan monooleate),
potassium sorbate,
natural flavoring.



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