Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg


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Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg CBD

Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg CBD. These are made from industrial hemp which is grown for it’s negligible amount of THC. This is legal for the same reason that you can buy hemp oil in the grocery store. Although our products have a much higher concentration of CBD then the hemp oil you get in the store. These CBD drops are not made from medical marijuana. Tasty Drops is a hemp oil tincture formulated with 150mg of our proprietary cannabinoid blend per 15ml for a stronger than ever concentration. It’s also made with terpenes from various plants such as hemp, clary sage, and more.

Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg CBD Ingredients:
Raw Hemp Oil,
Hemp Seed Oil,
Grapeseed Oil,
Food Grade Flavorings.

Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg

How to use Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg CBD

The manufacturer suggests a serving size of 15 drops once or twice a day. There’s approximately 7.5mg of phytocannabinoids per 15 drops. While this serving size may be perfect for some people, it’s important to understand that everybody is different. There is no set, standard serving size for hemp oil – so we encourage you experiment to find your best regimen. You may find that you need to take more to start, letting it build up in your system, and then can gradually reduce that amount. Or if you’ve taken hemp oil supplements before or feel it’s working well, you may choose to reduce the serving to conserve product while maintaining the same results.
To use Tasty Drops, place the drops under your tongue, holding it there for 60-90 seconds, and then swallow. By keeping the hemp oil in your mouth for a minute or longer, you are allowing it to absorb into your body quicker. Otherwise, it must first travel through your digestive system.

Tasty Hemp Oil Tasty CBD Drops 300mg CBD Flavors

Canadian Maple
Chocolate Mint
Natural (Unflavored)

Tasty Hemp Oil Ingredients

Raw Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Terpenes, Organic and Natural Flavors


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